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Jason – Policeman and Sports Therapist

"I had an ongoing shoulder injury for a number of years which after countless physiotherapy, didn't seem to get better. I was recommended to Paul who gave a very quick diagnosis which made complete sense. Over the weeks I saw Paul, he was extremely professional yet made me feel completely at ease. Paul was very hands on and his deep tissue work gave instant relief and the exercises he gave me were easy to follow and really helped. My shoulder tendinitis has completely recovered thanks to Paul. I would highly recommend him and have done so with many of my friends and family! Thanks Paul!"

Phil - Corporate Life Coach

"He completely sorted my injured shoulder. I've seen Paul a few times now. The main time was when I dislocated my shoulder skiing (a subluxation). I'd seen a Physio’ a few times with little improvement. I couldn't even tuck my shirt into my trousers 6 weeks after the accident. I went to him and after 3 treatments in 2 weeks was 90% better with full movement a little while after. I can't thank him enough. He's also got a great manner, the right blend of friendly and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Richard – Consultant, The Whittington Hospital, London

"When you are in need of relief from chronic back pain or neck pain, you need to be able to trust the person whose hands you are in. I fully trust Paul Summers. When I went to see him, he was able to pinpoint my back problem very quickly and then use a variety of techniques and treatments to bring much needed pain relief. Paul is very skilled and experienced in his subject area and he was also very friendly, putting me at ease and allowing me to relax making treatment possible and more effective. I have no hesitation in recommending him, and already have done so to a number of my friends and family."

Josephine - Estate Agent

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support over the last few months. If it weren’t for you I would still be in that horrible job. I now have a very comfortable high back adjustable chair with a desk at a good height and adjustable computer screen. I really do appreciate your help, not just the treatments but the counsel too."

Paul - Retailer

"I had chronic neck pain and saw Paul a total of 4 times over 2 weeks and I am 100% better. After the first session I could sleep again - what a relief! After the second session I was able to move much better, but not completely, and with some discomfort.  After the third session I was free of pain and had almost complete movement. After the 4th session I was able to fully move with no pain whatsoever. Fantastic!  From start to finish Paul was very professional and calm, even though I was in so much pain. His manner is very calming and that helped get me through the stretches! Thanks! I will recommend to anyone I see."

Pat - Professional Musician

"Before I met Paul I had suffered from chronic shoulder and neck problems for many years. I'd also seen several other practitioners with limited success and only temporary relief. I then moved to Kings Langley and Paul was recommended to me. At my first appointment, I was immediately struck by his calm and professional manner and he very quickly pinpointed the underlying cause. Progress was then dramatic and has continued to be consistent ever since. After each session I leave feeling relaxed with mobility greatly improved. I would thoroughly recommend his services without hesitation"

Mr Stevenson - CEO

"When you are in need of relief from chronic back and neck pain, you need to be able to trust the person whose hands you are in. I fully trust Rachel Davies. She is able to pinpoint the problem quickly and then use a variety of techniques and treatments to bring relief in a fast and controlled manner. Her advice on posture and exercise is based upon years of experience and works. Rachel is very skilled and experienced in her subject area and is also very friendly, putting you at ease and allowing you to relax making treatment possible and more effective I have no problems in recommending her and already have done so to a number of my friends and family."

Mrs R Loveday - Director of Education

"I attended this clinic with a running related injury to my calf. The service I received from Rachel was excellent, professional, friendly and understanding. I received clear instructions to follow between treatments and confirm my recovery was much quicker than it had been with previous, similar injuries."


G Brown

"I have had ongoing back, neck and shoulder problems for a few years. After being introduced to acupuncture by Rachel, I am so impressed by the success of this treatment. It is not painful, I can't even feel the needles going in, and it is very effective."

Cranial Osteopathy


"Following the birth of my daughter, she was never comfortable feeding and always cried a lot when I was changing her clothes. The midwives & health visitors noticed it but couldn't work out why nor could they recommend a solution. A friend suggested 'Cranial Osteopathy' and whilst being a sceptic, I was willing to try anything! One visit to see Rachel and she discovered immediately what was causing her pain. It took just one session and within 2 days, Daisy-mai was a different child. I now recommend Rachel to everyone, even if their births were relatively "normal" & just wish midwives would do the same, it would save a lot of sleepless nights."


"My son and I can't recommend Rachel enough.  I first took Harry when he was 5 months old and Rachel's magic hands gave me a happier, more chilled and a less "frowny" baby!  I couldn't believe the difference cranial osteopathy would make for the better.  Rachel was very honest, not trying to make me feel I had to keep bringing him back for more sessions.  She told me "you will know when he needs to come back!", so right, I take him when he seems to be going through a growth spurt, teething, overcoming illness, etc. and I see the effects to quickly!  Rachel is amazing at what she does.  She has a very calm, friendly, soft approach but so very effective and would highly recommend her, which I have, to everyone with a baby! Thank you Rachel, for all that you have done for Harry!"