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Treatment fees

Treatment fees

Most people visit an osteopath as a private patient and pay for their treatment.

Our fees are:

  • £75.00 for a 45 minute new patient consultation/treatment, or returning existing patient re-examination/treatment.
  • £65.00 for extended 45 minute follow up treatments.
  • £55.00 for a 30 minute follow up treatment.
  • £85.00 for out of hours new consultation/re-examination/treatment.

We accept payment by Cash or Card.

Late cancellations, within 24 hours of appointment and non arrivals might be charged the full appointment fee at our discretion.


Private health insurance

Paul and Rachel are specialist providers for all major health insurance companies, excluding BUPA.

If you have private health insurance you will need to contact them before you start any treatment and discuss starting a claim and the available level of cover/ budget /excess requirements.  Almost all require you to be referred by your GP. This very often need only be a verbal declaration between you and your GP, and a comment on your records, and then between you and the insurance company. It is now largely a paperless system. They then provide a Claim or Authorisation number that confirms your cover and allows us to invoice them directly.

To do this, there is an additional fee to cover the administration and often significant delay in payment.  This is included within the treatment fee to your provider and covered by them.

Please note, while we are happy to run an account on your behalf and invoice your health insurance company, you remain entirely responsible for your treatment fees.

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